Celebrating Excellence in Business Networking Groups

The American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) is proud to honor individual and organizational accomplishments in managing associations, as well as contributions to the field. Through a variety of awards and recognition programs, ASAE celebrates the success of its members and the business community at large. One such program is the Arts + Business Partnership Awards, presented annually by Americans for the Arts. This award acknowledges companies of all sizes across the country for their remarkable, creative, and sustained collaborations with the arts.

The Artistic and Business Collaboration Award is a national recognition given annually to companies that have long-term, inventive, and mutually beneficial partnerships with the arts. The presence of the national business community to recognize a fellow business leader among a list of remarkable winners is a testament to the importance of the private sector in a thriving artistic ecosystem. By celebrating excellence in business networking groups, ASAE honors the success of its members and encourages further collaboration between businesses and the arts.

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