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Over the years we have had requests pouring on offering a class on “How to Network Successfully”. That request is now intensified in recent months, with emails and even in the Breakfast Club surveys. We have put that class together and we are happy to offer it to you!
This is a class in which the basics of networking will be thoroughly covered in theory and practical meaning with hands-on exercises.
Here are some of the elements that will be covered in it:
  1. Cleaning up the past losses on Networking
  2.  Networking Etiquette
  3. The Cardinal Rules of Networking
  4. Networking Basics. Each on will be covered with practicals exercises done by the attendees
  5. Exclusive and Special TV show on Networking will be shown to these attendees.
    (This show was done exclusively for this class and cannot been seen or found anywhere else.)
  6. Suggested appropriate Networking events on individual basis
Bill Gates said: “The most dominating companies in the future will be the ones with high-tech and high personal touch.”. Recently High Tech has made progress by leaps and bounds (from rotary phone to i-phone) meanwhile Humanities have simply stood still. Here is your opportunity to learn and fully understand (and PRACTICE) that so valuable yet so far very elusive “Personal touch”.
Date : June 20th
Time: 10:00 am to 1:00pm
Location: 10734 West Dr Fairfax VA 22030
(Leave your cell phone at home. Cell phones are simply not allowed in this class. No exception!)
Attendance is VERY LIMITED so proper care and attention is given to the students
Secure your spot here!

Check out the story of our 1st decade below!

Over 100 events held so far!

Join us at the best business networking event in Northern Virginia each month. Unlike other clubs, here you are given the maximum opportunity to get to know other local business leaders.
What people are saying:“The event was moving,  your story was compelling, and the lessons shared were very well received.  I think you are a master-mind when it comes to engaging others and giving others the main ingredients to succeed in business.   Wow!  I’ve attended several of these networking events in the past couple of months, BUT……B.L. Networking Club is the BEST!!!” – Barbara Carter of iKare Corporation. Read more testimonials
The main objective of the Fairfax Breakfast Club is to help all attendees promote and grow their business.  By attending our Breakfast Club events, you will the have the opportunity to improve your networking skills and build the relationships with potential clients and strategic partnerships so as to achieve your goals.
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